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Wedding Flowers

You're at that wonderful point of planning your wedding! There's so much to do, and so many plans to make, the first considerations are usually the wedding venue, and then the dress. Quickly followed by deciding out of your friends and family, how many bridesmaids, page boys and flower girls you're going to have! But strangely enough, often the flowers are one of the last considerations - by which time, budgets are running low as so much has already been spent on the venue and dresses!

How much do wedding flowers cost?

Wedding flowers can cost from a few hundred pounds to many thousands! A typical wedding can expect to be in the range of £2000 - £4000. What does this include? Well wedding flowers can be as simple as a hand-tied bouquet for the bride and a buttonhole for the groom, and that's it - and that may be less than £100. But usually there are several bridesmaids who will all require a bouquet (usually a smaller version of the bride's bouquet), several groomsmen who all need a buttonhole, and corsages for the ladies in the bridal party - the mothers and grandmothers usually. Then for the venue, entrance flowers perhaps, flowers on a grand staircase, flower arrangements on the bar, flower centrepieces on each dining table, a large floral display for the top table, maybe flowers for a registrar's table for a civil ceremony, maybe even a moongate, or church archway! If you're hoping for a total fairytale look with floral arches and similar large arrangements, expect to pay a lot of money. Why? Because you need a LOT of flowers for these, plus foliage (Greens - which are as expensive as the flowers), and you need an expert florist to put it all together so that it meets your dreams, on time, and without any hassle!

Can I do the wedding flowers myself?

  • It's really not a good idea to do your own wedding flowers, for lots of reasons! Firstly, a proper wedding florist will be able to buy the flowers you need, in bulk, from reputable and very experienced suppliers, at the right time of their development, so that they look perfect on the day. Your florist will be able to properly condition the flowers, and store them at the right temperatures so that they look their best.

  • Making a wonderful bridal bouquet, or a floral archway, or a hanging chandelier, takes expert skills and training, which the florist may have been developing over many years. There's a LOT of skill and techniques involved, and this is why you choose a good wedding florist to take care of this for you.

  • Time! In the run up to your wedding, the florist will order all the flowers, take care of all their preparation and storage, make all the various elements of the florals at the right time throughout several days leading up to the big day so that everything looks fresh as a daisy on the day, maybe hire in extra staff for all the set up on the day, very early mornings and late nights in preparation, then transport, delivery, set up....... is this what you want to be doing in the most special week of your life, yourself? Probably not - choose an expert florist.

If you'd like to discuss your wedding flowers ideas in a free no-obligation personal appointment, please get in touch using the contact form or details on the Bradhams Flowers website!

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